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I'm originally from Melbourne Australia and now living in The Hague in The Netherlands with my wife Karin and 11 year old son Matthew.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

De Cocksdorp Texel

It has been some time since I've posted a dx blog. I am currently sitting at the lighthouse at De Cocksdorp on Texel, an island off the Netherlands coast. We are here for a week. My wife's aunt and uncle have the bed and breakfast here and while they are in Portugal they asked us if we would like to house sit. In a dx sense I thought Wow.. being on the corner of the Waddenzee and North Sea, it would throw up some nice dx.

It has been a mixed bag. I started the first few nights with an ALA antenna, but in such a place you want something with a little bit more grunt. So I have been able to get at least 150m of wire out towards Nth America. Its far from perfect but its something and there have been plenty of signals from Canada. The main problem I have discovered here on the island is wind. You get the old corkscrew effect. Not always but it depends on which way the wind is blowing.

I have the Perseus and am using the excellent Jaguar software.

Logs and more to come




Sunday, 22 May 2016

26 May logs

Long time coming. Dx must have been very localized because last week as everyone was getting Turkey I could not hear a peep. Yet today I was hearing stuff while others couldn't. Interesting. Lots of nice PI codes. Also a very short but intense OIRT opening.

Bit of an opening to mainly Istanbul this afternoon. 

87.50    1501       TUR        Damla FM - Istanbul, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 3D00. 2240km
87.80    1501       TUR        Diyanet Kuran Radyo, Canakkale/Radar Tepe (mam-can) PI logged: 3220. 2149km
88.00    1512       TUR        Radyo 34 - Istanbul, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 358E. 2240km
88.80    1503       TUR        Burc FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 322C. 2240km
89.60    1507       TUR        Anadolunun Sesi, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist). PI logged: 3463. 2240km
90.80    1503       TUR        Süper FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 322E. 2240km
92.20    1503       TUR        Radyo Gözde - Yalova, Yalova/Bayrak Tepe (mam-yal) Singing Jingle. PI logged: 77CB 2281km
92.30    1503       TUR        Lig Radyo, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 3470. 2240km
92.50    1504       TUR        cnn türk Radyo - Istanbul, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 340C. 2240km
93.10    1503       TUR        TGRT FM, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 3224. 2240km
93.50    1503       TUR        Radyo Mehtap, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 3211. 2240km
93.90    1503       TUR        Medya FM - Istanbul, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 348B. 2240km
94.50    1503       TUR        Rock FM - Istanbul, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist)  Heavy Rock. PI logged: 3447. 2240km
94.90    1503       TUR        Acik Radyo - Istanbul, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 34B2. 2240km
95.10    1503       TUR        Özgür Radyo - Istanbul, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 3457. 2240km
95.30    1504       TUR        Slow Türk, Istanbul/Camlica (mam-ist) PI logged: 3222. 2240km

Saturday, 14 May 2016

14 May 2016 logs

A few OIRT openings today

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
65.76 0640 RUS Rossiya 1, Velikiy Novgorod/Proletariy (NO) 1861km
66.05 0651 RUS Radio Rossii, Pskov/ORTPC (PS) 649km
66.32 1010 BLR BR Pershy Kanal, Pinsk/RTPS Posenichi (BR) 1480km
67.10 1010 BLR BR Kanal Kultura, Pinsk/RTPS Posenichi (BR)1480km
67.13 1001 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog., Kharkiv/KHORTPTS, vul. Derev'yanka, 1a (KA) 2225km
67.34 0652 RUS Radio Rossii, Gdov/Trutnevo (PS) 1653km
67.37 1014 BLR BR Pershy Kanal, Bragin/RTPS (GO) 1771km
67.67 0653 RUS Radio Rossii, Kingisepp/RTPS (LE) 1712km
67.88 1010 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa, Pinsk/RTPS Posenichi (BR) 1480km
67.91 1001 UKR UR 2 Radio Promin', Kharkiv/KHORTPTS, vul. Derev'yanka, 1a (KA) 2225km
68.30 1017 BLR BR Kanal Kultura, Bragin/RTPS (GO) 1771km
69.02 0617 RUS Radio Rossii, Borovichi/RTPTS (NO) 1987km
69.11 1010 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa, Bragin/RTPS (GO) 1771km
69.20 1001 UKR Svitle radio Emmanuyil, Kharkiv/KHORTPTS, vul. Derev'yanka, 1a (KA) (2225km
69.68 0619 RUS Radio Rossii, Kozlovtsy/RTPS (TV) 1950km
69.86 0620 RUS Radio Rossii, Dedovichi (PS) 1744km
69.92 1004 UKR UR 1 Persha Prog., Pervomais'k/MFKRRT, Pidgornyans'ke shose, 13 (MY)1935km
69.92 1010 UKR UR 2 Radio Promin', Trostyanets'/SFKRRT, vul. Neskuchans'ka, 50 (SU) 2122km
70.01 0619 RUS Radio Rossii, Glubokoye/RTPS (PS) 1672km
71.39 0629 RUS Radio Rossii, Velikiy Novgorod/Proletariy (NO) 1861km
71.78 1001 UKR UR 2 Radio Promin', Olevs'k/ZHFKRRT, vul. Svyatomykolayivs'ka, 146 (ZH) 1608km
71.93 0631 RUS Radio Rossii, Zaluch'e (NO) 1846km
88.00 0708 RUS Retro FM, Sankt-Peterburg/LRTPC (SP) 1825km

Thursday, 5 May 2016

5 May 2016 logs

A short sharp opening to Spain and Portugal around 1130-1230 UTC

MHz    UTC    ITU    Program + Location    Details    Remarks    km
87.70    1200    E    Europa FM, Chinchilla de Monte Aragón (CAM-AB) PI: E2ED 1533km
87.90    1200    E    Cadena 100, Pamplona=Iruña/El Perdón (NAV-NA) PI: E2CE 1130km
88.10    1200    E    esRadio, Soria/Cerro de Santa Ana (CAL-SO) 1254km
88.20    1200    E    RNE Radio Nacional, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M) PI: E211 1429km
88.30    1200    E    COPE, Santomera/Cabezos Ásperos (MUR-MU) PI: A21F 1606km
88.80    1205    E    RNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias, Ciudad Real/La Atalaya (CAM-CR) E215 1581km
89.10    1201    E    Bay Radio, Torrevieja (VAL-A) 1612km
93.20    1200    E    RNE Radio 3, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M) PI: E213 1429km
94.40    1205    E    SER, Alcorcón (MAD-M)         PI logged: E039 1442km
94.50    1200    E    RNE Radio 3, Teruel/La Muela (ARA-TE) 1365km

It's a shame I missed a significant part of it due to recording issues. All sorted now.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

3 May 2016 Logs

Just a short OIRT opening today. Very brief with a few signals from BLR. Heard with the AIRspy and SDR Sharp software. Antenna due East

66.02 1043 BR Radio Mahilyow, Bobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny Les MA 1688km

68.96 1054 BR Kanal Kultura, Bobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny Les (MA) 1688km

67.22 1057 BR Pershy Kanal, Smetanichi (Smyataničy)/RTPS (GO) (1645km

This is my setup with the SDR Spy. I use a split screen for using CSVUserlistBrowser

SDR Sharp with the AIRspy
CSVUserlistBrowser - Very useful when dx is coming in.

The AIRspy. So small but so powerful. The ability to record 10 Mhz of the spectrum
The Hirschmann up on the top of the apartment in Den Haag

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

I certainly miss my old log periodic which was a fine performer. I used to have it at 45 degrees when I lived at Myrtleford in Victoria's North East. (Australia) Seen here in 2003.

The past few days here in The Hague I've been familiarizing myself with the ability of the new location of the Fuba Yagi. Sadly no Sporadic E yet but the Tropo or semi-tropo is bringing in a lot more German stations than I've had in the past. I'd expect that though.

Here are a few non-startling logs.

88.3 1505 D342 D Nordwestradio Bremen-Walle 
89.7 1508 D WDR3 Munster nrw 210km
92.4 1530 D NDR 1 Niedersachsen West Osnabrück/Schleptruper Egge nds 268km
94.4 1622 D NDR Kultur Steinkimmen nds 302km
97.0 1644 D WDR3 Teutoburger Wald/Bielstein nrw 310
99.2 1705 D WDR 2 Rhein-Ruhr Langenberg / Hordtberg  nrw 210
99.7 1712 D WDR 5 Kleve/Bresserberg nrw 128
104.3 1743 D Antenne Niedersachsen Osnabrück Lingen-Damaschke nds 215
104.3 1743 D HR4 Sackpfeife (Biedenkopf) hes 318
104.9 1807 D Antenne Niedersachsen Ostfriesland/Küste Aurich  nds 267
88.0 1834 D WDR 5 Bonn/Venusberg nrw 50
91.9 1936 C203 G BBC Radio 3 Tacolneston nfk 221
92.3 2016 BEL  RTBF Vivacité Charleroi  Anderlues / Mont-Sainte-Geneviève wal-hnt 186
92.3 2018 G BBC Radio 3  Peterborough  cam 319
94.6 2117 D4D1 D MDR1 Sachsen-Anhalt, Brocken san 434

89.5 0722 BEL VRT Klara Sint-Pieters-Leeuw/Norkring Toren 143
89.7 0726 C202 G BBC Radio 2 Tacolneston nfk 221
90.9 0735 C203 G BBC Radio 3 Belmont (EN-LIN) lin 333
91.9 0744 C203 G BBC Radio 3 Tacolneston nfk 221
99.2 0751 D WDR 2 Rhein-Ruhr Langenberg / Hordtberg  nrw 210
99.7 0755 C201 G BBC Radio 1, Peterborough cam 319
106.7 0800 D391 D WDR Eins Live Langenberg / Hordtberg  nrw 210
88.3 0933 D342 D Nordwestradio Bremen-Walle 
89.5 1143 D hr3 Hoher Meißner 394

89.1 0607 G BBC Radio 2 Wrotham knt Not as strong as other times
106.7 0622 D391 D WDR Eins Live Langenberg / Hordtberg  nrw Can hear QRM stronger this direction 210
89.6 0815 D395 D WDR 5 Bärbelkreuz (Eifel) nrw On peaks. 236
89.6 0830 D3E1 D NDR 1 Welle Nord, Flensburg-Engelsby (shs)  shs 460
90.90 0846 D381 D NDR 1 Niedersachsen Hannover Hemmingen shs 372
98.7 0916 NDR 2, Morsum (Sylt) (shs)      shs
98.7 0918 NDR Kultur, Hannover Hemmingen (nds) nds
99.8 0931 NDR 2 Niedersachsen  Steinkimmen nds 302

91.5 0837 G BBC Radio 3 Holmes Moss wyk 445
91.5 0839 6552 BEL RTBF Vivacite Luxembourg Léglise-Vlèssart (lux)  wal-lux Off back end 263

Yes it has taken some time. 4 years to be exact, but finally I have the FM antenna up on the roof. 

The past few days have been interesting as we have had gales over 100kph and lightning strikes around. But all appears okay. The Tropo is certainly interesting. Well mild tropo that is. I cannot wait for a big opening of Tropo and E's.

Here is a bandscan from this location. Its over the past 12 months and reflects a lot of what I have achieved prior to getting this Fuba Yagi up onto the roof. There is a lot more of the band to explore from the various directions.

Kenwood KT 6040, RTL Dongle - Antenna: Fuba Yagi. (Horizontal) Dipole for OIRT Conrad RDS Manager.
65.93UKRUR 1 Persha Prog. Sumy (Govorit' Sumy)Shostka/SFKRRT, vul. Korotchenka, 88SU17h1987
66.02BLRBR Radio MahilyowBobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny LesMA4h1688
66.02RUSRadio Rossii GTRK YantarKaliningrad/RTPTSKA17h1112
66.05RUSRadio Rossii GTRK PskovPskov/ORTPTSPS17h1649
66.08BLRBR Kanal KulturaSvisloch (Svislac)HR4h1339
66.20BLRBR Radio StalitsaGomel/RTPS (ul. Pushkina, 8)GO2H1809
66.20BLRBR Kanal KulturaGrodno (Hrodna)/RTPS (ul. Gorkogo, 85)HR4H1319
66.32BLRBR Pershy Kanal Radio BrestPinsk/RTPS PosenichiBR17h1480
66.38RUSRadio Rossii GTRK VologdaCherepovets/RTPSVO17h2224
66.44BLRBR Gomel FMSmetanichi (Smyatanicy)/RTPSGO4h1645
66.50UKRUR 1 Persha Prog. Sumy (Govorit' Sumy)Bilopillya/SFKRRT, vul. 1-go Travnya, 15SU17h2062
66.53UKRUR 1 Persha Prog. Rivne (Radio Kraj)Antopil'/RFKRRT, vul. Kyivs'ka, 12RI17h1540
66.56BLRBR Pershy Kanal Radio BrestSlonim/RTPS Novaja StrazhaHR17h1431
66.74BLRBR Kanal KulturaUshachy/RTPS AstravenecVI4H1634
66.86BLRBR Radio StalitsaMyadzel/RTPS TelyakiMI4H1516
66.98BLRBR Pershy Kanal Radio HrodnaGrodno (Hrodna)/RTPS (ul. Gorkogo, 85)HR4H1319
67.10BLRBR Kanal KulturaPinsk/RTPS PosenichiBR17h1480
67.22BLRBR Pershy Kanal TRK GomelSmetanichi (Smyatanicy)/RTPSGO4h1645
67.37BLRBR Pershy Kanal TRK GomelBragin/RTPSGO4h1771
67.76BLRBR Pershy Kanal TRK GomelGomel/RTPS (ul. Pushkina, 8)GO2h1809
67.76BLRBR Radio HrodnaGrodno (Hrodna)/RTPS (ul. Gorkogo, 85)HR4H1319
67.85BLRBR Pershy KanalOrsha (Vorša)/RTPS ObukhovoVI2v1746
67.88BLRBR Radio StalitsaPinsk/RTPS PosenichiBR17H1480
68.00BLRBR Kanal KulturaSmetanichi (Smyatanicy)/RTPSGO4h1645
68.03BLRBR Kanal KulturaKostiukovichi (Kastsiukovicy)/RTPSMA17h1862
68.06RUSRadio Mayak GTRK KareliyaPetrozavodsk/RTPTSKR17h2091
68.12BLRBR Radio HrodnaSlonim/RTPS Novaja StrazhaHR17h1431
68.30BLRBR Kanal KulturaBragin/RTPSGO4h1771
68.39BLRBR Kanal KulturaGeranyony/RTPSHR17h1433
68.54RUSRadio Rossii GTRK SmolenskSmolensk/RTPSSM17h1851
68.69BLRBR Pershy KanalMyadzel/RTPS TelyakiMI4h1516
68.78RUSRadio Mayak GTRK BryanskBryansk/ORTPTSBR4h2015
68.90BLRBR Radio StalitsaGrodno (Hrodna)/RTPS (ul. Gorkogo, 85)HR4H1319
68.93RUSRadio Peterburg Radio KingiseppKingisepp/RTPSLE17h1712
68.96RUSRadio Rossii GTRK SmolenskSmogiri/RTPSSM17h1872
68.96BLRBR Kanal KulturaBobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny LesMA4h1688
69.08BLRBR Pershy Kanal Radio VitsebskBraslaw/RTPSVI17h1533
69.20UKRSvitle radio EmmanuyilKharkiv/KHORTPTS, vul. Derev'yanka, 1aKA17h2225
69.20RUSRadio Rossii GTRK SmolenskVyazma/RTPSSM17h1993
69.26RUSRusskaya Sluzhba Novostey RSNMoskva/BalashikhaMV15v2216
69.26BLRBR Kanal KulturaGomel/RTPS (ul. Pushkina, 8)GO2h1809
69.26BLRBR Radio StalitsaGeranyony/RTPSHR17H1433
69.38BLRBR Radio StalitsaKostiukovichi (Kastsiukovicy)/RTPSMA17H1862
69.68BLRBR Pershy Kanal TRK GomelZhlobin/RTPS Zhlobin (ul. Marksa 1a)GO2h1737
69.92BLRBR Gomel FMBragin/RTPSGO4h1771
69.92BLRBR Kanal KulturaVitebsk/RTPS Jurjeva GorkaVI4H1731
70.10BLRBR Radio MahilyowMogilev (Mahilyow)/RTPS PolykovichiMA5.8H1744
70.28RUSRadio Rossii GTRK KareliyaKostomuksha/RTPSKR1h2047
70.28BLRBR Radio StalitsaSmetanichi (Smyatanicy)/RTPSGO4H1645
70.55RUSRadio Rossii GTRK BryanskUnecha/RTPSBR4h1913
70.67BLRBR Pershy Kanal Radio VitsebskVitebsk/RTPS Jurjeva GorkaVI4H1731
70.94BLRBR Radio StalitsaUshachy/RTPS AstravenecVI4H1634
71.30UKRUR 2 Radio Promin'Kyiv/KFKRRT, vul. Dorogozhyts'ka, 10KC60h1818
71.45BLRBR Pershy Kanal Radio MahilyowBobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny LesMA4h1688
71.48BLRBR Radio VitsebskVitebsk/RTPS Jurjeva GorkaVI4H1731
71.54BLRBR Radio HrodnaGeranyony/RTPSHR17h1433
71.69BLRBR Kanal KulturaOsipovichi (Asipovicy)MA4h1622
71.81BLRBR Radio StalitsaZhlobin/RTPS Zhlobin (ul. Marksa 1a)GO2H1737
71.96BLRBR Kanal KulturaMogilev (Mahilyow)/RTPS PolykovichiMA5.8H1744
71.99BLRBR Kanal KulturaBraslaw/RTPSVI17h1533
72.17RUSRadio Rossii GTRK KareliyaMuyezerskiy/RTPSKR17h2074
72.47BLRBR Radio StalitsaOsipovichi (Asipovicy)MA4H1622
72.65BLRBR Pershy Kanal Radio VitsebskUshachy/RTPS AstravenecVI4H1634
73.82BLRBR Radio StalitsaOrsha (Vorša)/RTPS ObukhovoVI1V1746
87.50EDynamis RadioMadridMAD-M15v1426
87.50IMalvisi NetworkPellegrino Parmense/Monte Canatepr30v911
87.60ELos 40 Principales OurenseOurense/SeminarioGAL-OU4m1416
87.60HOLWOS_87.6Naaldwijk/Hoge Woerdzho0.251v8X
87.70IRadio Venere (Puglia)Specchiale2v1721
87.70IRadio Potenza CentraleSpinoso/Serra di Spinosopz1v1587
87.70ERNE Radio NacionalVimianzo/Monte SangreGAL-C1406
87.70ERAC 1Barcelona/CollserolaCAT-B20c1194
87.70HOLRadio 10Lelystad/Alticom Torenfle114.815v94
87.80ALGChaîne 1Mecheria4570h2087
87.80ERadio ValencinaValencina de la ConcepciónAND-SE0.05v1818
87.80IRadio Kiss KissVibo Valentiavvv1746
87.80IRadio MariaLappano/Timparello (Contrada Chiano)cs2v1692
87.80IRadio Potenza CentraleMateramtv1575
87.80ERadio MaríaMadridejosCAM-TO1m1525
87.80ECOPE VigoMoaña/Monte Faro DomaioGAL-PO4v1457
87.80ERTVV carrierTorrent/Perentxissa=CalicantoVAL-V1453
87.80ECatalunya MúsicaCalonge/Mas NouCAT-GI2m1141
87.80HOLRadio 10Utrecht/NH Hotelutr0.589v55
87.90EESPY_FM_ 87.9_FM_MadridMAD-M1430X
87.90IRadio SportivaBologna/Colle Barbiano/Via Santa Liberatabov991
87.90DNDR Info Schleswig-HolsteinHeide/Welmbüttelshs15h407
87.90HOLOmroep ZeelandGoes/Alticom Torenzee15.1v67
88.00TURRadyo 34 (Istanbul)Istanbul/Camlicamam-ist2240
88.00GRCNERIT 1 proto programmaThessaloniki/Hortiatiscmc-tsk20h1916
88.00ERNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias HuelvaPunta UmbríaAND-H80h1873
88.00ERNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias HuelvaPunta UmbríaAND-H80h1873
88.00ROUKiss FMBârladVS30h1821
88.00ERGMUSICAValga/Monte XesteirasGAL-PO301420X
88.00POLPR 1Krosno/Sucha GóraPK120h1251
88.00DWDR 5Bonn/Venusbergnrw50h245
88.00HOLNPO Radio 2Smilde/Alticom Torendre90v171
88.00HOL89,3 Radio WestOegstgeest/Kwaaklaanzho0.32v19
88.10ALGRadio BatnaMetlili570h1871
88.10EONDACEROChinchilla de Monte AragónCAM-AB61533X
88.10IRAI GR ParlamentoBettona/Cinque Cerripg5v1176
88.10IRAI Radio1 VenetoMonte Venda (RAI)pd150c924
88.10GBBC Radio 2ManningtreeEN-ESX5m220
88.20PORULTRA_FMVila Franca de Xiralis2m1782X
88.20BULBNR Hristo BotevBelogradcik/RRTS Karneva livadavdn10v1656
88.20FINYLE Radio YksiLapua - Lappo/Simpsiö-Mastiontieep60h1634
88.20ERNE Radio Nacional MadridMadrid/TorrespañaMAD-M100m1429
88.20ERNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias ValenciaSagunt/Monte PicayoVAL-V100h1425
88.20ERNE-CLASO Páramo/M. PáramoGAL-LU70h1355X
88.20IRadio DeejayTempio Pausania/Monte Limbaraotv1300
88.20HOLNPO Radio 2Roermond/Alticom Torenlim100v151
88.20HOL100% NLUgchelen/Alticom Torengel1v110
88.30PORANTENA_1Muro/Serra do Gerêsvcs10c1478X
88.30ERNE_5___Tudela/Monte CanrasoNAV-NA4.2h1196X
88.30GBBC Radio 2Sutton ColdfieldEN-WMD250m421
88.40HOLSlam!FMRoosendaal/Alticom Torennbr42.7v60
88.60HOLSLAM!FM_Den Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.17v4X
88.70FFrance MusiqueLille/Bouvigny le Mont [62]59126h215
88.80ECadena 100 CáceresCáceres/Sierra de PortanchitoEXT-CC6v1622
88.80ERNE_5-ZAZamora/El VisoCAL-ZA80v1396X
88.80DWDR 5Langenberg/Hordtbergnrw100h210
88.80BELRTBF Pure FMBrussel/Financietoren=Bruxelles/Tour des Financesbru1v134
88.90HOLRTV NHAmsterdam/Alticom Torennho9.33v51
89.00HOL__WEST__Den Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.1v4X
89.10GBBC Radio 2WrothamEN-KNT250m288
89.30HOL__WEST__Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho9.12v23X
89.50GBBC Radio 2OxfordEN-OXF50m377
89.50BELVRT KlaraSint-Pieters-Leeuw/Norkring Torenvlg-vbr50v143
89.50HOL100% NLUtrecht/NH Hotelutr5.37v55
89.60ERNE Radio Nacional AragónBarbastro/Salinas de HozARA-HU5m1159
89.60GBBC Radio 2HastingsEN-ESU0.5m291
89.60DWDR 5Bärbelkreuz (Eifel)nrw10h236
89.60HOL100% NLAmsterdam/Alticom Torennho0.037v51
89.70IRAI Radio1 LazioRoma/Monte Mario (RAI)rm100h1283
89.70ERNE Radio Nacional Castilla y LeónSoria/Cerro de Santa AnaCAL-SO40m1254
89.70GBBC Radio 2TacolnestonEN-NFK250m221
89.80HOLAmor FMDen Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.2v4
89.90HOLNPO 3FMWest-Terschelling/Brandarisfri0.05v158
90.00ERNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias SevillaValencina de la ConcepciónAND-SE64h1818
90.00ERNE-CLASCambil/Sierra AlmadénAND-J60m1705X
90.00ERNE Radio Nacional Castilla y LeónAranda de Duero/PradalesCAL-BU10m1326
90.00GBBC Radio 2Swingate (Dover)EN-KNT11m229
90.00HOL100% NLLoon op Zand/Alticom Torennbr16.6v73
90.10ERNE Radio Nacional GaliciaMoaña/Monte Faro DomayoGAL-PO60h1458
90.20DNDR KulturLingen-Damaschkends15h215
90.20HOL100% NLRoosendaal/Alticom Torennbr50.1v60
90.30DWDR 5Nordhellenrw35h259
90.30HOLSubLime FMDen Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.05v4
90.40HOLRadio Gelderland Editie AchterhoekRuurlo/New Novec mastgel10v148
90.40BELVRT KlaraEgemvlg-wvl50v136
90.50BELRTBF Vivacité LiègeLiège/Bol d'Airwal-lge50m186
90.50HOLPuurNL Editie Zuidoost BrabantHelmond/BZOB Gebouwnbr4.4v118
90.50HOLSubLime FMRotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho8.13v23
90.70HOLSubLime FMIJsselstein/Gerbrandytoren-Alticomutr86v52
90.80GBBC Radio 3Bow BrickhillEN-BKS10m340
90.80BELRTBF Classic 21Profondeville-Rivière/Sart à Soilewal-nam10m193
90.90ERNE-CLASLa MuelaARA-Z100h1233X
90.90DNDR 1 Niedersachsen Hannover/MessejournalHannover Hemmingennds15h372
90.90HOLNPO 3FMRoermond/Alticom Torenlim100v151
91.00EEuropa FMMadrid/TorrespañaMAD-M100m1429
91.00HOLSlam!FMTjerkgaast/Alticom Torenfri2v134
91.00HOLOmroep Brabant Editie WestRoosendaal/Alticom Torennbr14.8v60
91.10HOLCentraal FMGemert/De Bunkernbr1v111
91.10HOLSlam!FMHilversum/Media Park-Alticomnho37.2v63
91.30HOL__BNR___Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho71m23X
91.50GBBC Radio 3Holme MossEN-WYK250m445
91.50BELRTBF Vivacité LuxembourgLéglise/Vlessartwal-lux10m268
91.60HOLRadio VeronicaAmsterdam/Alticom Torennho4.37v51
91.70BELVRT Radio 1Sint-Pieters-Leeuw/Norkring Torenvlg-vbr50v143
91.80HOL_Fun_X__Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho1v23X
91.90GBBC Radio 3TacolnestonEN-NFK250m221
91.90HOLOmroep Brabant Editie MiddenLoon op Zand/Alticom Torennbr2v73
92.00HOLDEN_HAAGDen Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.144v4X
92.20IRadio LatteMieleRoccasecca dei Volsci/Monte Curioltv1355
92.20HOLOmrop Fryslân RadioJirnsum/Rijkswegfri25.1v153
92.20HOLLansingerlandFMBerkel en Rodenrijs/Terpstraatzho0.082v14
92.30GBBC Radio 3PeterboroughEN-CAM40m319
92.30BELRTBF Vivacité CharleroiAnderlues/Mont-Sainte-Genevièvewal-hnt50m186
92.30HOLNPO Radio 2Amsterdam/Alticom Torennho0.033v51
92.40ERNE-CLASPechina/Sierra AlhamillaAND-AL70h1755X
92.40DSWR1 Rheinland-PfalzLinz (Rhein)/Ginsterhahner Kopfrlp50h268
92.40DNDR 1 Niedersachsen WestOsnabrück/Schleptruper Eggends8h257
92.40GBBC Radio 3Swingate (Dover)EN-KNT11m229
92.40HOLPuurNL Editie ZeelandWestdorpe/Verkavelingswegzee7.9v97
92.50GBBC Radio 4 FMManningtreeEN-ESX5m220
92.70GBBC Radio 4 FMSutton ColdfieldEN-WMD250m421
92.70FFrance InterNeufchâtel-en-Bray/Croixdalle765h325
92.90HOLNPO_R2__Den Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.05v4X
93.00GBBC Radio 4 FMBow BrickhillEN-BKS10m340
93.10GBBC Radio 4 FMBelmontEN-LIN14.35m333
93.10HOLRadio M UtrechtIJsselstein/Gerbrandytoren-Alticomutr4v52
93.20DWDR 2 BielefeldTeutoburger Wald/Bielsteinnrw100h310
93.20GBBC Radio 4 FMLondon/Crystal PalaceEN-GTL4v309
93.20HOLWaterstad FMJirnsum/Rijkswegfri20v153
93.20BELRTBF Classic 21Brussel/Financietoren=Bruxelles/Tour des Financesbru10c134
93.40HOLRIJNMONDRotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho10.2v23X
93.50GBBC Radio 4 FMWrothamEN-KNT250m288
93.60HOLWild FMAmsterdam/Alticom Torennho2.6v51
93.70GBBC Radio 4 FMHolme MossEN-WYK250m445
93.70HOLSLEUTEL_Leiden/Rijn en Schiekadezho1.7v17X
93.90HOLOPENRDAMRotterdam/Erasmus Universiteitzho4.79v22X
94.10GBBC Radio 4 FMTacolnestonEN-NFK250m221
94.10HOLNPO_R4__Den Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.01v4X
94.30GBBC Radio 4 FMWenvoeWA-VGL250m526
94.40DNDR KulturSteinkimmennds100h302
94.40GBBC Radio 4 FMSwingate (Dover)EN-KNT11m229
94.50GBBC Radio 4 FMPeterboroughEN-CAM40m319
94.50HOLNPO Radio 4Roermond/Alticom Torenlim100v151
94.60DMDR 1 Radio Sachsen-Anhalt MagdeburgBrockensan60h434
94.70FFrance Bleu NordLille/Bouvigny le Mont [62]59126h215
94.70HOLNPO_R4__Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho12.9v23X
94.80HOLNPO Radio 4Smilde/Alticom Torendre90v171
94.90GBBC Radio LincolnshireBelmontEN-LIN6m333
94.90HOLRADIONL Editie Groot AmsterdamAmsterdam/Alticom Torennho0.47v51
95.00HOLNPO Radio 4Goes/Alticom Torenzee11.48v67
95.10GBBC Radio ManchesterHolme MossEN-WYK5.6m445
95.10DWDR 3Langenberg/Hordtbergnrw100h210
95.10GBBC Radio NorfolkStoke Holy CrossEN-NFK4m210
95.20HOLSLAM!FM_Alphen aan den Rijn/Alticom Torenzho25.1v25X
95.40DNordwestradioSchiffdorf [nds] (Bremerhaven)bre25h335
95.40HOLBNR NieuwsradioGilze/Prinsenboschnbr15.5v71
95.60HOLFresh_FMRijswijk/Churchill Towerzho1v3X
95.80DNDR 1 Niedersachsen NordwestAurichnds25h267
95.90GBBC Radio HumbersideHigh HunsleyEN-EYK9.75m379
95.90BELNostalgie VlaanderenLommelvlg-lim0.5v116
95.90HOLNPO Radio 2Roosendaal/Alticom Torennbr0.014v60
95.90HOLFresh FM Editie Rijnland/HaarlemmermeerAlphen aan den Rijn/Alticom Torenzho4.467v25
96.00HOLRadio Hoeksche WaardPuttershoek/Tankcontainerszho0.419v33
96.10BELRTBF La PremièreWavrewal-bra35m148
96.10HOLFunX Editie AmsterdamAmsterdam/Alticom Torennho1v51
96.30HOLRadio VeronicaLoon op Zand/Alticom Torennbr30.9v73
96.50HOLNPO_3FM_Den Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.003v4X
96.70GBBC Radio KentWrothamEN-KNT8.7m288
97.00DBR KlassikHohe Liniebay5h649
97.00DWDR 3Teutoburger Wald/Bielsteinnrw100h310
97.00GHeart KentDoverEN-KNT0.5m235
97.10ECadena Dial ZaragozaZaragoza/JuslibolARA-Z40m1217
97.10GHeart SuffolkIpswich/Foxhall HeathEN-SFK3.4m210
97.10HOLNPO 3FMRotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho0.04v23
97.20HOLNPO Radio 2Eys/Alticom Torenlim13v177
97.20HOLKempen FMHapert/Sterkepadnbr0.398v101
97.30ERNE_1___Valladolid/Cerro de San CristóbalCAL-VA30h1345X
97.30GLBC 97.3London/Croydon TV TowerEN-GTL4m310
97.30DWDR 3Kleve/Bresserbergnrw2h128
97.30HOLWild FMHaarlem/Alticom Torennho1.8v45
97.40FFrance CultureAbbeville/Limeux802.5h285
97.60HOLDECIBEL_Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho36.3m23X
97.80HOLRadio VeronicaIJsselstein/Gerbrandytoren-Alticomutr3.98v52
98.00HOLUJALA___Den Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.05v4X
98.20HOLNPO Radio 4Loon op Zand/Alticom Torennbr55v73
98.40HOL_Fun_X__Den Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.5v4X
98.60BELVRT Radio 2 Oost-VlaanderenEgemvlg-wvl50v136
98.60HOLNPO Radio 1Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho0.079v23
98.70NORNRK P2Bjerkreim/Urdalsniparo36.81h739
98.80ERNE-CLASNavacerrada/Bola del MundoMAD-M100h1402X
98.80GBBC Radio 1WrothamEN-KNT125m288
99.10BELRTBF Classic 21Anderlues/Mont-Sainte-Genevièvewal-hnt50m186
99.20DWDR 2 Rhein-RuhrLangenberg/Hordtbergnrw100h210
99.20HOLSlam!FMVlissingen/Het Dokzee12.9v84
99.40HOLROYAAL__Den Haag/Alticom Torenzho2v4X
99.50BELRTBF Musiq'3Liège/Bol d'Airwal-lge50m186
99.60NORNRK P2Stord/Kattnakkenho60h872
99.60FFrance InterCaen/Mont Pinçon14100h488
99.70GBBC Radio 1PeterboroughEN-CAM40m319
99.70DWDR 5Kleve/Bresserbergnrw2h128
99.80HOLNPO 3FMGoes/Alticom Torenzee11v67
99.80HOLBNR NieuwsradioHilversum/Media Park-Alticomnho0.063v63
99.90GNorwich 99.9Stoke Holy CrossEN-NFK0.5m210
99.90BELVRT Radio 1Genk/VRT Zendmastvlg-lim20v149
99.90HOLBNR NieuwsradioUgchelen/Alticom Torengel3v110
99.90HOLBNR NieuwsradioWormer/Alticom Torennho26.9v60
100.10HOLBNR NieuwsradioIJsselstein/Gerbrandytoren-Alticomutr57.74v52
100.20HOLBNR NieuwsradioLochem/Streek Betongel20v146
100.30HOLL1 RadioRoermond/Alticom Torenlim98v151
100.40HOLQ-music_Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho10m23X
100.90GClassic FMWrothamEN-KNT250m288
100.90BELVRT Studio BrusselSchotenvlg-ant40v87
101.00HOLSky RadioSmilde/Alticom Torendre75.858v171
101.00BELNostalgie VlaanderenOostvleteren/Elzendammevlg-wvl20v165
101.10BELRTBF Pure FMWavrewal-bra50m148
101.10HOLSky RadioNijmegen/Electrabelgel4.8v107
101.20HOLSKYRADIOHilversum/Media Park-Alticomnho199.5v63X
101.30DWDR 4Langenberg/Hordtbergnrw100h210
101.50GClassic FMTacolnestonEN-NFK250m221
101.50HOLSKYRADIORotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho8.3v23X
101.60GClassic FMBilsdale West MoorEN-NYK2m444
101.70HOLSKYRADIODen Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.5v4X
101.80DDeutschlandfunk (DLF)Aurichnds100h267
101.80BELRTBF Vivacité HainautTournai/Froidmontwal-hnt50m177
101.90HOLSky RadioGoes/Alticom Torenzee49v67
102.00DDeutschlandfunk (DLF)Lingen-Damaschkends25h215
102.00BELVRT MNMGenk/VRT Zendmastvlg-lim40v149
102.10HOLRADIO538Hilversum/Media Park-Alticomnho97.7v63X
102.20GLincs FMBelmontEN-LIN6.4m333
102.30HOLAMOR-FM_Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho0.13v23X
102.40GHeart NorfolkStoke Holy CrossEN-NFK3.3m210
102.50NORRadio NorgeKongsberg/Jonsknutenbu60h907
102.50HOLRadio 538Utrecht/NH Hotelutr1.05v55
102.60BELRTBF Musiq'3Tournai/Froidmontwal-hnt50m177
102.70HOLRADIO538Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho100v23X
102.90BELNostalgie VlaanderenSchotenvlg-ant50v87
103.00HOLRadio VeronicaLelystad/Alticom Torenfle41.7v94
103.10HOLRadio VeronicaMegen/Alticom Torennbr4.17v93
103.20HOLVERONICARotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho40.7v23X
103.40DRadio ffn OsnabrückOsnabrück/Schleptruper Eggends10h257
103.50GBBC EssexGreat BraxtedEN-ESX12m248
103.50HOLRadio Gelderland Editie VeluweUgchelen/Alticom Torengel20v110
103.50HOLRadio VeronicaRoosendaal/Alticom Torennbr5.01v60
103.60DRadio HamburgHamburg-Moorfleetham80h423
103.60BELBel RTLLiège/Bol d'Airwal-lge50v186
103.60HOLRadio 8FM Editie Midden BrabantTilburg/Generaal Winkelmanstraatnbr13.8v77
103.60HOLRadio 10Amsterdam/Alticom Torennho15.1v51
103.70FFrance InterLille/Bouvigny le Mont [62]59126h215
103.80GBBC 3Counties RadioLuton/Zouches FarmEN-BEF0.715m328
103.80HOLRadio 10Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho20.4v23
103.90GBBC Radio SuffolkManningtreeEN-ESX5m220
104.00GBBC Hereford & WorcesterMalvernEN-WOR2m453
104.00HOLRadio 10Haarlem/Alticom Torennho1v45
104.10GBBC Radio SheffieldHolme MossEN-WYK4.4m445
104.10BELJoe FMEgemvlg-wvl50v136
104.10HOLRadio 10Arnhem/Kema Torengel102.3v108
104.20GBBC Radio NorthamptonNorthampton/Moulton ParkEN-NHA4m354
104.20GBBC Radio KentSwingate (Dover)EN-KNT10m229
104.20HOLRADIONL Editie Noord-HollandAlkmaar/Alticom Mastnho3.02v70
104.30Dhr4 MittelhessenSackpfeife (Biedenkopf)hes100h318
104.30DAntenne Niedersachsen OsnabrückLingen-Damaschkends15h215
104.30HOLNPO Radio 1Jirnsum/Rijkswegfri0.069h153
104.40GBBC Radio NorfolkGreat MassinghamEN-NFK3.67m260
104.40DWDR 4Bärbelkreuz (Eifel)nrw20h236
104.40HOLNPO_R1__Goes/Alticom Torenzee38.02v67X
104.40HOL100% NLHilversum/Media Park-Alticomnho47.9v63
104.50GBBC Radio DerbyDerby/Drum HillEN-DRB3.6m401
104.60HOL100%_NL_Rotterdam/Alticom Toren (Waalhaven)zho87.1v23X
104.80HOLNPO Radio 1Roermond/Alticom Torenlim100v151
104.90GBBC Radio LeicestershireCopt OakEN-LEI8m386
104.90GXFMLondon/Crystal PalaceEN-GTL3.9m309
104.90DAntenne Niedersachsen Ostfriesland/KüsteAurichnds25h267
105.00HOLPapendrecht FMPapendrecht/Pelsertflatzho0.05v36
105.10HOLSmart FMSpijkenisse/De Akkerszho0.01v25
105.20FFrance InfoLille/Bouvigny le Mont [62]59400h215
105.30HOLRadio CapelleCapelle aan den IJssel/Schermerhoekzho0.012v24
105.40GMagic 105.4 FMLondon/Croydon TV TowerEN-GTL4m310
105.40HOLAlphen Stad FMAlphen aan den Rijn/Wederikstraatzho0.05v28
105.50HOLNPO_R1__Den Haag/Alticom Torenzho0.001v4X
105.60GKiss FMCambridge/MadingleyEN-CAM1m291
105.60HOLFeel Good RadioPijnacker/Oranjepleinzho0.1v11
105.70FFrance InfoChartres/Montlandon284v469
105.70DAntenne Niedersachsen OldenburgSteinkimmennds100h302
105.70HOLUnity FM Editie Leiden e.o.Leiden/Vrijheidslaanzho0.032v16
105.80GCapital FMHigh HunsleyEN-EYK9.6m379
105.80GAbsolute RadioLondon/Crystal PalaceEN-GTL3.73m309
105.80HOLRTW FMWaddinxveen/Tollenslaanzho0.05v24
105.90HOLRtvryswkRijswijk/Oude Gemeentehuiszho0.015v2X
106.00GGem 106Copt OakEN-LEI8m386
106.00BELRTBF La PremièreTournai/Froidmontwal-hnt50m177
106.10ERADIOVOZ 106,1_FMSantiago de CompostelaGAL-C8v1404X
106.10DAntenne Niedersachsen HamburgDannenberg/Zerniennds25h460
106.10HOLUnity NL Editie LeiderdorpLeiderdorp/Simon Smitwegzho0.025v20
106.20FFrance InfoMaubeuge/Rousies592h200
106.30HOLStadsradio DelftDelft/César Franckstraatzho0.039v7
106.40GKiss FMIpswich/MendleshamEN-SFK20m219
106.40DWDR Eins LiveAachen/Stolbergnrw20h196
106.50HOLAlphen Stad FMHazerswoude-Rijndijk/Frederik van Eedenpleinzho0.1v22
106.60HOLRTV KrimpenerwaardBergambacht/Silo DZ Six Diervoederszho0.05v37
106.70DWDR Eins LiveLangenberg/Hordtbergnrw100h210
106.80HOLRTV KatwijkKatwijk/Piet Heinlaanzho0.05v18
106.90E_ROCK_FMMurcia/Pico del RelojeroMUR-MU8m1628X
106.90FSkyrock NordBéthune/Fresnicourt-le-Dolmen621v215
106.90HOLRadio VoorneHellevoetsluis/Opzoomerlaanzho0.1v28
106.90HOLOmroep ZuidplasMoordrecht/Stevensstraatzho0.05v26
107.10DDeutschlandfunk (DLF)Bremen-Wallebre100h325
107.10HOLAlbrandswaard FMPoortugaal/Albrandswaardsedijkzho0.08v24
107.20HOLMidvliet FMLeidschendam/Dokter van Zeelandstraatzho0.05v7
107.30HOLOmroep ZuidplasNieuwerkerk aan den IJssel/Spoorlaanzho0.05v24
107.40HOLRadio Hollands MiddenNieuwkoop/Industriewegzho0.05v30
107.50DSWR4 Baden-Württemberg Kurpfalz RadioBuchen/Walldürner Str.bwü25h452
107.50HOLScheldemond FMOostburg/Watertorenzee0.05v98
107.60HOLFeel Good RadioNootdorp/De Poortzho0.05v8
107.70DDeutschlandradio KulturCuxhaven Otterndorfnds20h364
107.70HOLRTV KrimpenerwaardLekkerkerk/Dammesstraatzho0.05v32
107.80HOLOmroep VlaardingenVlaardingen/Stadhouderslaanzho0.035v15
107.90DWDR Eins LiveMünster/Baumbergenrw25h210
107.90HOLMidvliet FMLeidschendam/Dokter van Zeelandstraatzho0.063v7